Everything rises and falls on leadership – John Maxwell

Leadership is stewardship, it is temporary, and you’re accountable – Andy Stanley

As you can see, I’m passionate about the subject of leadership! I believe that those called and designed to lead should do exactly that: LEAD! Wether it is leading change, improving a project, a revolution, a church or a business! I’m currently leading a project, however I see it more as if I’m a part of something amazing. Like my friend Brad Lomenick always says on his podcasts on Catalyst: “We don’t have to lead, we get to lead!”.

You should go ahead and subscribe to it, it’s one of the best ones in terms of leadership, here is the link: http://www.catalystspace.com/content/podcast/ and follow him on twitter @bradlomenick and the best radio host of all times @kencoleman.

Well, that’s it for now, less talking, more doing! Stick around and let’s learn and grow together!

God bless


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