The colour of my generation is grey

No, this post has nothing to do with the 50 shades of fray or anything like that. Although a lot of people say that is a classic of our times, believe me, I haven’t even read the preface to any of those books…

I was inspired to start this blog (again) because of a controversial dilemma I found myself in. Bear in mind, I keep this blog as a form of reminder to myself and if anyone else is benefiting out of this, well, good for them too, but I have no intentions to build this a platform of fame.

Oh, sure, the dilemma. I am now 30 years old, I’m one of the millennials, I love my generation, I love the way God wired me and I love the fact that we have so many great voices we can listen to, format he past and front he present time that we are certainly living in the best time to become a wise person. Information is available and free everywhere. Almost like the wisdom in the initial chapters of the book of proverbs, screaming out on the streets.

Continuing on this idea, I listen to a lot of voices, a lot of different leaders, from Christian communities to Deepak Chopra to Dalai Lama to TED talks… You can see the variety right? And recently I have been learning a lot from two of my current favourites: Seth Godin (THE Marketing Guru, Author of so many great books like: Linchpin, The purple cow, Tribes, the dip and others) and Simon Sinek (Author of Start with Why and Leaders eat last). You can find both of them speaking easily on youtube or TED.

Anyway, as I listen to these two great voices and learn from them, this week they both shared something completely opposite to each other. Seth Godin shared recently his passion about being able to invest and contribute in so many different projects through the course of 30 years (you can find the blog here. Not only this was a great post but it is a common sound through Seth’s posts, diversity, the hem motto of this generation. On the other hand, Simon Sinek shared something completely opposite from Seth in a couple of podcasts (Thanks Tyler at Catalyst and Ken and the team at Entreleadership I heard this week (you can find them here and here). He defended that instead of trying to do a millions things at all times, we should focus a huge a mount of energy in one things to make a difference.

Now here is the beauty of it all! Both of them CAN be right. The beauty of my generation is that we have so much accessible to our lives that we are privileged to the extreme to be able to position ourselves in the middle.

We have a saying in portuguese that goes like this: “It’s gotta be 8 or 80”, almost like saying, it’s “black or white”, but guess what? Not with my generation, for us, it’s always grey.

We can fluctuate between multi-tasking and Uni-tasking (If that’s even a term). We don’t have to chose one side, and it’s ok. It’s not a life or death situation, and it’s ok not to be. A great example would be our politics discussion: About 40 or 50 years ago, if you were a democrat, you wouldn’t even eat at the same table as a republican. The same goes to sports preferences, patriotism, religious matters, palestinians and Israelites (Or Israelis, whichever the correct term is) and etc. Well, things changed and now we do sit at the same table, and more, we share the food. We finally figured out what Rodney king. meant when he said: “Can we all get along?” or in the words of so many others “why can’t we all just get along?”. We did it. We are doing it. There is still a long way to go, but if we all work hard at it, we will get there.

As I finish, I plead with you, please, do not mistake this for a call to ignore morals and values that define our society. Some things will always be wrong, regardless of how much “development” we achieve. Relativism is dangerous, and it’s not the same thing as being exposed to different ideas…

Well, in the end, It’s not black and white. Not anymore! It is grey. and We’re loving it. Listen to all voices possible, filter what’s good and find your voice. The time we’re living in demands more leaders with strong voices. I would love to hear yours. God bless


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