Me and the “homeless” of Auckland

Before you read any further, please understand that this is an illustrative conversation I had tonight when I went to pick up a few pizzas we were having for dinner. Most of the things illustrated here are part of my daily conversations with people who live on the street. Some of it is very graphical and the conversation may include some cursing so if you will be offended by the reality of it, please, do not read this post.

I went to pick up a few pizzas and this guy asked me for money and here is how the conversation went along:

– Can I have some coins for food bro?

– No, I ain’t got any money, but I have something else… Let me ask you a question? Why are you asking for money? Don’t you have any? Don’t you have a job?

-No bro, I live on the streets, I’m homeless…

-Really, where exactly?

– Massey… (Bear in mind, this is about 15 minutes driving on the motorway and it’s already 9pm.

-Bullshit. you ain’t no homeless!

– Yes I am, what are you talking about?

-It’s night, cold, you’re away from your place? Where are you gonna sleep tonight?

– Some friends let me stay with them…

– Lier, that’s what you are bro. You’re not staying with nobody. You’re not homeless, you want money for drugs. I know your type. If you are really homeless? Where is your bag? Where is your blanket? Where is your jacket bro? No homeless person is out at this time under this whether. I know a lot of homeless, and you ain’t one of them.  What’s your name?

-John (this is a fictitious name)…

– John, here is the deal: Ain’t nobody live on the street here in Auckland unless they want to. We have enough shelters and job placing programs for everyone, the government helps you financially. The only people who actually sleep on the streets are drug dependents who don’t have any family and got lost in life, and by the look in your eyes, I can see you’ve been down this path before. You are living like this because you want to. God created the world to give to us because we are his sons and daughters, we messed it all up, but Jesus fixed it, now it’s up to you to look up to him and start making the right choices. Tonight you have this chance.

Now, I’m not here to judge you but I ain’t no fool, you can cheat others, but not me. But it’s not my job to give you the lesson… However, it is my job to show you the light, to show you the way, and the way is Jesus. Drop your shit, turn around and give your life to Him, harden up and see life through His eyes… May not be easy overnight, but it will take you out of this shitwhole you’re living in.

Now c’mon, shake my hand, give me a hug and go choose a pizza! My shout!

The funniest thing is: He chose the most expensive pizza of the place! LOL. Praise the Lrd! He is good! He is everywhere. Who knows, maybe that bumm you bumped into and asked you for money was Him and you didn’t see him… Think about it.


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