Back… Maybe just for today, but here we go…

Yeah, it’s been a long time so I’m not even going to try to explain what’s happening. I’ve been very blessed and I’m working so much that I have missed my time to write and for that I’m sorry. That aside, here is something I’ve learnt just a few minutes ago.

I was taking a shower with my daughter (Yes, I do try to be omnipresent with her, but I fail most times) and I realized that she, who is nearly two, acts just like we do with God. Even though she is in the presence of her father who loves her, very often she chooses to devote her attention to some toys. To a certain degree I believe she takes for granted that daddy is there, so she might as well enjoy the toys. Don’t we do the same? We exchange the presence of our loving father for our materialism, our toys, our own pleasures…

The other thing I realized is that very often, the only way to create any dialogue between her and I is if I take away one of the toy she is enjoying the most. Once I do that, than I’ve got her full attention… Does that sound familiar to you?

That and many other lessons I learned from a few minutes with her…

So I encourage you, spend time with your kids and discover who you really are before God.

God bless


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