Daily Devotional 12th or 13th of August… I’m lost in time

Hi guys. For some of you it’s already Monday, for some of you it’s still Sunday. While you’re reading this I’m probably on the plane yet, or just landing. Oh, I can feel it already.

Before I got into the plane, in fact, on Friday before I finish work I read from Psalm 120 to 125 (and some other passages, but we will stick to these ones for now).

What a beautiful collection of scripture. Since I was going to be on a plane, I found pretty interesting that the Lord led me to be on Psalm 121 one day before the flight: “I look up to heavens, but where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord who made the heavens and earth”. Nice huh?

“I was happy when they told me let’s go to God’s house”, Psalm 122… It’s a great sequence. You can’t add words to these. There is nothing I say that can really express better what it really is other than what’s already said…

Great to read this in the morning huh? He will protect you, when you go and when you come. At all times…

Then Psalm 124 reminds me of that song by Israel Houghton “If not for your grace”. Granted, had it not been for God’s grace, we would have been nothing! Nothing at all! 

We were trapped in the enemy’s net, namely sin, but by God’s grace, He rescued us from there.

Then David (most likely it was him, just like the ones before on this post, but I could be wrong), closes this section with Psalm 125:


“Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, they will never be shaken, they will continue forever”…


Take a break, think, reflect… Read that one again, that’s an AWESOME verse! Wow!

The rest of Psalm 125 reassures what we learn when we were kids… That in the end, the good always wins against evil. Always! The victory is ours, the battle is won already! Amen.

God bless.

PS: In a few days I should be back to a normal schedule… And hey, the wristbands are already available. If you’re in New Zealand and Brazil, let me know on facebook.com/facethebookmovement. If you’re in the USA and Australia, they are coming to you shortly (Maybe 2-4 weeks, maybe a while longer), keep an eye open. If you’re on the rest of the world, the wave will get to you around Christmas, just wait and see!


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