Daily devotional, 7th of August 2013. Psalm 107, How is this possible?

Daily devotional, 7th of August 2013.

Psalm 107

Oh boy oh boy! I’m excited! And I’m tired! And I’m lost, and confused and rejoicing! I don’t know! My life is up side down! It is the trip preparation. In a few days we will be home! Home sweet home!

This morning I read Psalm 107. In a more theological way this Psalm is sort of a continuation of Psalm 105 and 106. But it is an incredible Psalm

First of all, the purpose of the Psalm, give thanks to God. This same sentence is used 4 times in the Psalm and other 2 times the Psalmist uses a difference combination of words but with the same purpose, so if out of 43 verses, 6 of them are absolutely (or almost) the same, that has got to say something important, right?

So with that in mind, there is not much for me to develop and unfold when it comes to the meaning of the Psalm. In fact, we’re getting to a point in the Psalms where they’re kind of similar in this sense.

It’s amazing how the story, told in a different way sounds exciting, even though it has less words in it. The Psalmist is retelling some of the things that happened in the past and trying to show the readers that God saved His people out of all of them, therefore we must praise Him and give Him thanks.

I could stop here, but look at verses 25-31. If you know your Bible well you will think you’ve read that story before, but not chronologically prior to Psalms but after. You’re probably thinking about that passage in Mark 4 when Jesus calms the sea. How is that possible? The Bible is surely a living word, the word of the living God. I love coming across those passages!

it’s impossible to read Psalm 107, specially that part, and then read Mark 4 and deny that Jesus is God. His claims were all perfect and right, we can testify tot hat because it was written about Him in the past and now we look back in time and see that it was all part of a perfect plan.

Simply amazing! I recommend you read that a few times and be amazed too.

God bless


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