Hash tags and how to use them


To all my friends who gather around here for their daily devotional and some other spiritual encouragement, please forgive me for the next 5 minutes. I will use this platform to talk about something not related, but in a sense, you could be of some help too. I’ll post the next devotional soon.

Hi everyone. Since we now have crossed the line of 50 likes I thought it would be important to explain to you guys what the “#” symbol means when we post anything with #facethebook on it.

Hash tags were invented a while back and have always been open sorced. The guy who invented the process didn’t want to patent anything. Great thought. He missed on a lot of money, but hey, it served the online population to a great degree.

They started being used on twitter, then google+, then Instagram and now everywhere, finally, facebook. But what do they do? I’m glad you asked…

Hash tags create a separate feed or online page that is exclusive to that word. So every time anyone in the world using the same platform (let’s say facebook on this instance) posts anything with #facethebook on the message, that is saved on the facebook’s servers and it creates an online conversation that includes everyone who posted anything with the same hash tag. The good thing is that it doesn’t mess with your privacy, and you can set up to be visible to your friends only or to everyone. The hash tag doesn’t override your privacy settings. However, in this case, we’re asking everyone to be public about it for obvious reasons. (How about Romans 1:16?)

Well, what does that mean for us? Yes, we do have a page, but studies show that interaction with the page is often not constant or regular, meaning that a lot of people will click “like” on the page and 80% of them will never come back. In fact, a lot of people like a page just to avoid upsetting a friend who recommended it but next time they see a post they chose to hide those posts from their timeline. That could mean that we have 1 million “likes” and no interaction at all. Not our goal. In our case, it’s better to have 10 interactions with 50 people than no interaction with 1000 fans, again, for obvious reasons. When we interact, comment, share and etc, our friends and friends’ friends get exposed to it to a certain degree and that increases the chances of going viral… I know, I’m getting too technical, but it’s important that you understand that, so keep reading.

Facebook hash tag doesn’t work on Mobile phones yet… Which is ridiculous, but it’s inevitable that it will very soon. The HTML5 mobile website already does, so it’s only a matter of time, maybe one or two updates ahead of us.

I’m asking everyone to create the habit of using the hash tag so when it rolls out on mobile phones, we will be able to explode.

How does it work?

Basically, when you type the word facethebook on your facebook search bar, the trend will come up as a result as well as pages and people. The obvious thing is that the trends will show up first. The even better hope is that when we type anything similar (i.e facebook) it will show alternative hash tags, hence our name… As we all know, facebook is on the run against google on the search business trying to make it even better, so in the future, when people want to know anything about anything, they will be on their facebook app “at all times” and when they search for it, the hash tags will come up as a subject of interest.

All things being equal of course, that’s the hope, but tomorrow a new thing may come up and everything changes again…

For now, what we need you to understand is that hash tags will create conversations to a level we have never experienced. If we could make it even better, we would post our hash tags #facethebook as a post on our page, which is www.facebook.com/facethebookmovement

That would be massive. Imagine, 50 people, posting daily their devotionals with the #facethebook on it. It means we will have instant access to 50 devotionals every day and also the opportunity to interact, comment and share on them. Meaning, I might have a friend who has never heard or seen the facebook page, but saw my post with the hash tag, commented on it and his comment shows on their friend’s timeline and they jump on it to check it out. That’s three layers of interaction with one simple example. Imagine how that would be with 500 people?

How do we get there? Post daily, on the page if possible, but at all times with the hash tag #facethebook

For now that’s it.

There is more technicality if you want to know and I’m happy to explain it to you to the best of my capanilities, but that should be suffice for all normal people out there.

God bless guys



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