Daily devotional, 2nd of August 2013. Psalms… And Psalms… And more Psalms

Daily devotional, 2nd of August 2013.

Psalms… and Psalms… and more Psalms

Hi friends, hope you’re doing great today too! It’s Friday, so we have the weekend ahead of us! Also, #facethebook movement is going well and you have a chance to join in this weekend and make a difference. We’ve bought the wristbands and they will be delivered on the 9th of August. This first exclusive round of a few wristbands will be allocated to the pioneers who are willing to help the movement. All funs will be reallocated to producing a few hundred more and they will also be sent to all parts of the world to spread the movement! I’m excited! You can take part in this journey, just let me know how many you want on our facebook page here and I’ll send them over to you.

Now, to the devotional. I had a bit of a fast read in a few Psalms all at once. Actually, I was so caught up in the moment that I couldn’t stop reading, until I realized I was already getting late for work! Ops, shouldn’t say that here huh? Anyway, here we go.

All these Psalms are great, as usual, and there are lessons to be learned in all of them, so I’ll try to stick to a few lessons on each, so we can keep it short for Friday and prepare for our big celebration on Sunday in our churches!

Psalm 110: “The Lord said to my lord…” I’m sure you know what David means. God said to Jesus! Lord, and lord of my life, meaning, Lord God and boss, the one who has he power to tell me what to do! I thought I should be straight to the point this time, makes it easier huh?

Psalm 111: “The Lord does wonderful things, more than anyone can imagine…” Does that sound anything like Ephesians 3:20? Paul must have known his Bible back to front!

Also on Psalm 111, look at this: “Everything He does is good and fair. All his commands can be trusted.” Now that’s a hard one to swallow. How about that job I lost, or that injustice I went through, or how about my loved one that I lost while still young? How about this and that? I can go much deeper but I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings bringing unnecessary memories to mind, this is not the objective of this blog. But I can guarantee you one thing: He is sovereign and he knows what He is doing. I might feel like this is madness, but if you wait long enough, you will understand it too. And if you happen to live your whole life and yet can’t understand it, can’t accept it, as the last thing you can do on earth before you go back home, leave that in God’s care, in his hands and I’m sure you will get the picture when you get to heaven.

Closing Psalm 111: “The beginning of wisdom is in the fear of the Lord“. Needless to say anything else.

Now Psalm 112 is a whole’nother level and every single verse is a lesson, maybe two or three. Read the whole thing. I felt like that is a great picture of what it means to strive to live according to your godly purpose. So many promises! I’m so glad I can read that and say: Yep, God has blessed me, I’m blessed! Blessed to be a blessing! 

Psalm 113: “There is no one like the Lord“. What else do I need to say?

There is no one like the Lord!

There is no one like the Lord!

Isn’t it amazing that He takes people who are (according to our standards) completely undeserving and incapable of the task ahead of them and He places them in places of authority and leadership? Isn’t it amazing that Jesus chose 12 guys we would never even come close to change the world?

Now here is the really big question. Ready?

Isn’t it amazing that He has chosen to save you? Think about that for a moment…

You had nothing to offer God, in fact, if we were to rationally analyze in detail, we would never come to the conclusion that we deserve to be saved! WOW! But that’s grace, He did for you not because you deserved it, but because He loved you and poured himself for you. WOW, I don’t know if there is anything in the world more comforting than this!

I even used verse 9 of Psalm 113 to encourage a friend who has been trying to have a baby for a few years now. The word of God is alive and speaks into any situation! I still have faith that God can do a miracle and give them a child! I don’t question God. Yeah, sometimes I am insecure, so what? So are you… But question God? Oh no, that’s a big no no.

I heard one of the guys I admire, Carl Lentz, pastor of Hillsong NYC saying this once: “Do you think that Paul and Silas in Prison expected the earth to shake and prison doors to open when they started singing at midnight in prison after being beaten up? Of course not. But they knew they had to throw the seed and God always shows up to water it“. That’s a great illustration of Ephesians 3:20 again. We have no idea what God can do with our requests

Psalm 114 closes with a great declaration: “He is the one who made water flow from the rock“. He is the Rock and He is the one who made water flow from it! He is everything! Oh well, I gotta be careful not to get into Avatar mode and say that God is everything and everything is God. But put that aside and just look at the context of the Psalm. He is everything! Everything we need!

Oh well, that’s enough for Friday aye!!! Have a great weekend, I hope you have an awesome time on Sunday when we gather all around the world to celebrate Jesus!

Remember to give some attention to the #facethebook movement here.

God bless


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