Daily devotional, 1st of August 2013. 1 Corinthians 10 Still…Be careful with your freedom part 2

Daily devotional, 1st of August 2013.

1 Corinthians 10 Still…Be careful with your freedom part 2

Hi everyone. Hope you’re all doing well. The post from yesterday had so much to be in it that I couldn’t do it in less than 2000 words and I thought it would be too much, too long for anyone to read on the fly, so I decided to split it in different parts. I’ll continue from where I left of. If you haven’t read the first and you want to catch up, you can find it in here.

The Spiritual rock… In verse 4… Oh, what a wonderful picture… Do I need to explain what or who that rock is? I think the text is clear, that was Jesus. What I think that’s interesting in this passage is verse 5. Even though Israel was a chosen nation, chosen people, they failed to live up accordingly to God’s standard. In fact, we all do. And you see that killed in the desert because of their disobedience… Why am I saying this?

First, to call your attention not to take your salvation for granted, not to neglect the fact that we are good and do good not FORGod’s salvation but BECAUSE God’s salvation. Not FOR God’s favor but BECAUSE God’s favor. See the difference? They clearly wanted something out of it, so much so that they asked for water, for food and etc instead of just trusting that if God had brought them there, He would provide a way out! It was God who told them to go there in the first place! What were they thinking??? Urrrrrgghhhhhh! Reading that stuff makes me nervous, but maybe I would have done the same or even worst, so… Never mind.

The great thing is that those events and terrible things that happened were only an example.

The second reason why I wrote that is to remind you that even though they were killed for disobedience, for not living quite up to God’s standards (because no one can anyway), now, for us, the situation is different. Why? Because I don’t have the weight on my shoulders, it was placed on Jesus’ shoulders. He carried the weight of my sins, my “not-living-up-to-God’s-standards” problems, he took it away. Now, God doesn’t look at me in the final judgment, he looks at Jesus and that’s quite an advantage!!!

So, concluding that part: Don’t take it for granted, do it because and not for and rest assure that Jesus will never disappoint you when it comes to your salvation, because it’s certain, definitive and unchangeable! UNCHANGEABLE! Yeah, that’s right, you got that right!

Now look at verse 11. Paul says: “we live in the time all those things were pointing too“. Isn’t it amazing that they could look at their present time and figure out that they were living right there and then, in the coming of the Messiah, right when and where things were happening! WOW, I wish I had that self awareness! But hey, what about us? What time are we living in than? What does that live us with? I like to think that they lived the hardships of reality, we live in the time of hope. We now have a hope that doesn’t disappoints us (Romans 8:24) and we are certain that this hope will be fulfilled one day! Although their time was a great time, I think our one is better.

It’s almost like they were playing in the championship and they fought hard, I mean, Jesus fought hard and they followed and they were in the regular season, they went to the play offs (Jesus trial and crucifixion). The series felt like it went all the way up to game 7, and then over time for 3 days. Then we won the finals, we are the world champions! We got the trophy, death is defeated (figuratively it already happened because we are guaranteed eternal life, but theologically, there is more to it that we don’t have time and to be honest, neither time or knowledge to explain) and we can celebrate!

YEAH, we celebrate, people rejoice, the church grows then the lights go off and what now? Now it’s the pre-season, the hard work, the preparation for the new season! There is a lot of sweat, but being the champions, we spend the whole pre-season in the vibe, in the hope that we will do it again, and quite frankly, we will, because we’ve got the best player on our team! Jesus! Do you see the picture? If you don’t, I apologize, too much basketball analogies for a devotional, but bear with me, we’re almost finished.

Form here on, Paul says a lot of important things, things that would probably take me another post to cover, so I’ll leave that for you to explore on your own. I’ll close with the same thought: Be careful with your freedom.

Just because it’s available it doesn’t mean you need to get it, just because you are allowed it doesn’t mean it will be profitable, just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should! I know I’ve said that “if you can, you should” quoting a friend, but that’s a different situation. When it comes to your freedom, think twice, maybe three times before you go ahead.

Freedom is not living without boundaries, that’s madness! Freedom is the capacity to say no, and not the opposite! I say no because I’m free from that slavery! Think about that.

Any thoughts? Questions, I’m always here, happy to help.

God bless


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