Be careful with your freedom – Daily Devotional 1 Cor 8

Daily devotional, 30th of July 2013.

1 Corinthians 8 Be careful with your freedom

WOW, I never thought I would get so excited with the business of life. Thankfully I was doing something I love these last few weeks and although I missed my blogging, I have no regrets at all. But I did miss you guys, so here we go, no mocking around. 

I have so many great (at least I think they are) ideas. I don’t want to share them all at once because we will lose traction, so I’ll start with my normal daily devotional on this post and we will see where it takes us next.

I’ve been reading 1 Corinthians not only as a devotional but also as part of my subjects for this semester at university. It’s a great thing to have some extra tools to look into passages we think we know thoroughly and find out lots of new stuff.  

On this instance, in chapter 8 we find a very interesting piece of advise. Be careful with your freedom!

Paul is talking about an issue the Corinthian church had when it came to eating food sacrificed to idols. That was a big thing back then, and in the culture they came from, in the city of Corinth where several temples to different gods where erected, they were submersed in this habit. Once they knew there is only one and only living God, it made some of them confused as per “should we eat it or not?” and “if we do, is that bad or not”… You can see where they were coming from right? 

Well, I thought we should take that a little bit further and apply in a different degree in our present day. I’ve had a few people along my Christian journey who were young Christians and recently after having given their life to Jesus, fell back into old habits, trying to challenge legalism, but in reality, it was more a lack of knowledge. Yes, as Paul himself says: Knowledge puffs up but love builds up. And it is out of love that he makes the recommendations he does in this chapter. Like when he says that there is no harm in eating those kind of foods, however, if there is a weaker (in faith) brother around who will get confused, therefore, potentially sin, because of seeing you eating, you shouldn’t eat! Paul himself says that if that was the case with him, he could abstain from meat for the rest of his life, just to make sure no one would be provoked to sin because of his habits!

Now, we, mature Christians, are free to do anything! You’re free! However, just because you’re free to do so, it doesn’t mean you should do so. Are you mature enough to give up something you like, that you know there is no harm in it but for the sake of not-so-mature Christians, would make sense to abstain yourself from? 

Aha! That’s the tough question! Where can you apply this? TV, food, going out, hanging out in some places with some people you use to know, using a bad vocabulary, your behavior, sex with your girlfriend or boyfriend (although I should say this is just wrong, period!!!)

Have a think about that and see if you can improve in these areas in your own life before you try to fix other people! 

God bless

PS: Have a look at my facebook if you will and look up the #facethebook movement


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