End of Ecclesiastes. Do We know it all now?

Daily devotional, 17th of July 2013.

Psalm 94, 95 and Ecclesiastes 11 and 12.

I realized this weekend that this thing about being consistent in my writing is more difficult than I thought. My goal was to do a daily devotional and if I’m not writing, it’s most likely that I haven’t done any. I know, it shouldn’t be the case, but let’s be honest here for a second ok?

Now, I returned to it this morning. Wow, that was amazing! I woke up at 5:20am, took a long shower and even though I’m sick, I had a great time in the morning reading and having my breakfast. I still haven’t found time for the exercise but hey, one step at a time right?

Both Psalms are very nice to read and I enjoyed it, and I thought very interesting the tone on 95. It’s almost like an invitation to worship. It’s a great thing to hear in the morning (or to read) that “He is OUR Lord and we are the people HE cares for…

In Ecclesiastes now, I was about to finish the book of wisdom and I thought that by the end I would have it all figured out. Only to find out that the more I learn, the less answers I have and the more questions arise in my mind… Nevertheless, the text, both in chapters 11 and 12 are fascinating. Are you ready? Here we go:

Starting with “Do good wherever you go… After a while, it comes back to you…” Couldn’t agree more. Just doing good is rewarding on and in itself. The richest people in the world are not the ones who have more for themselves but the ones who give all they have back.

Then verse two is what we call popular wisdom: “Place your eggs in different baskets“. Ah, ok, it doesn’t actually say it exactly in these words, but it’s the same meaning. Diversify to minimize the risk. You gotta try different stuff. Albert Einstein said that [for him] the definition of insanity was to “keep trying the same things expecting different results.” I even had a business card printed with this saying in it once… How naive of me! Anyway, the matter of the fact is, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. What we think it’s certain today may be a big question mark tomorrow! For example, Who would have thought we would be able to talk to people all across the world on Facetime? (Apple freaks raise your hands). Steve Jobs once said: “you don’t ask people what they want because they don’t even know what’s possible… We tell them what they need…

I’m heading off the rail here, let’s go back to the text…

From verse 3-5 he expands on this idea about what we are certain of and what we are not, and I love how in the translation I’m reading (ERV – You gotta get one of these, they’re amazing!) it says: “There are some things you cannot be sure of. you must take a chance…” Rick Warren said once that “if you’re not risking anything, there is no faith involved.

That serves for anything, not only investments, but for any situation in life. I’ve been recently counseling a couple of friends going through the possibility of a divorce… I’m trying everything I can to keep them together, guiding them through the lenses of the Bible. And this morning, I told them this verse. I told them “hey, you don’t know the future, it might work, let’s try something different…

In fact, later on the text, the teacher actually says that “you never know, maybe everything you do will be successful.” I love that! Some people are so risk averse that they never get anything in life. I’m the type of person that is happy with the “maybe“. I’m probably the other extreme. Maybe way too extreme!

On verse 6 he breaks down any expectation of people thinking this passage was about luck. He basically says: Just because it might work, because God is the one who makes all things happen, it doesn’t mean you can be lazy! Get off your butt early and go do some work. And work hard! Do your part and God will do  His. Like my uncle Eder says: “You be you and let God be God!

I heard an add on TV during a time out on an NBA game and towards the end of the add, a voice said this: “If you want to be successful in this game, you have to work hard, work smart and work consistently… All three of them“. That applies to life as well. Wanna see your dreams come true? Well, work hard, probably harder than anyone else. harder than you think you can. Push yourself beyond your limits. Work smart, learn the skills, be humble enough to ask the questions, pursue the company of people who are better than you, surround yourself with people who love you enough to tell you the truth and at the same time are not impressed by you and work consistently, meaning, do it regularly, everyday if possible. Then, only then, success will come. “The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.” (Vince Lombardi)

Then he goes on to talk about young people and how they should take their time to enjoy God while they’re still young. How I wish I had no regrets on that part. But Well, I’m only 29, I still have time.

I found amazing how he described the journey of aging and what happens and caught myself thinking way too much ahead of my own time, so I thought I should stop, get in the car and drive to work… after all, someone has got to pay the bills right???

Jokes aside, I hope you enjoyed this reading and that more importantly, you do something with it. Make it yourself, re-write it if that’s your thing, do it better than I did ad go enjoy your life!

For those of you counting with me, only 24 days to go. I have some great news to announce while I’m there and you might catch one or two videos about a project I’ll start in November. Hope I can count on you too.

God bless


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