Daily devotional 4th of July

Reflections of my daily reading

Every day I thrive to read the Bible, pray for a few minutes and hopefully, by God’s mercy and grace, hear from Him and get closer to Him day by day.

I decided to make notes about my reading, like a journal… As my generation uses no pen anymore, I thought about putting it into my prayer journal notebook on Evernote (done). But then I thought: “What if I could SERVE others with this?” I may not be a big name, but I’m sure others will benefit from reflections like these, so here they are:

Today I read Psalms 76 and 77 and Ecclesiastes 1

From Psalm 77 I picked up a few different things. Bear in mind, this is not intended to be your doctrinal document, so bear with me if some of the insights are too personal and only applicable to me and not you… From the first verses i got this amazing impression that God is for sure my place of refuge, my security, however, sometimes, we are so distressed that even knowing that and looking for him we face some challenges and I found myself thinking about the times where I knew who to cry to, I knew who to rely on but still, I could not sleep, I couldn’t find an answer. Not on that minute, not on that day, not on that week. Some of those situations went by for months or years… But God has always been there. But that doesn’t mean it was easy!

At the end of Psalm 77 A very interesting concept: Moses and Aaron were leader… Yes, but they never led anyone to anything, because ultimately, they were also being led. And this is our ultimate goal as Christian leaders, disciple makers, pastors, call it whatever you want. We are not to lead anyone. Our job is to listen and obey God, He shows us the direction and we just surrender to His perfect will. If people get saved or find solutions for their problems, we’re just fortunate to be there at that time… Amazing huh?

I was so pumped and as I had finished Proverbs recently, I jumped to Ecclesiastes. What a shock I had! LOL. Well, I read the first chapter and it’s rather philosophical isn’t it? Well, here are a few personal insights…

On verse 7 we read: “all rivers flow again and again to the same place. They flow to the sea, but the sea never becomes full. Words cannot fully explain things, but people keep speaking…” WOW.

First, for me, I noticed, there is a big difference between our reservoir and God’s reservoir. Our is finite, His is not. Period. That’s why later on the preacher can say: “There is nothing new here, all things have been done or have been here before us.” It’s just our memory that is short. We don’t remember what happened a long time ago, and surely, people will forget about what’s happening in these days. Surely.

The most shocking thing for me was to learn that even trying to be wise is considered (by the preacher at least) a waste of time. Bear in mind this is the wisest man who ever lived, he must have a few points right… The more you learn, the more sorrows you will have. That’s how he finishes the first chapter.

Maybe because the more you learn, the more you see deep inside people and our flaws, sins and all the dirty world behind our souls… It is a journey hard to endure, but I still think it’s worth it.

Let’s see what comes up in the days to come.

I pray that you will have sometime today to read, be inspired, pray and feel God a little bit more than yesterday.

God bless


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