Wanna win? Practice!

One of my friends received an email with a disturbing message.

It’s the last week of the month, he works in sales, and here is the head of the email:

“As this is a short week , There wont be a team training session this week.”

Now I want you to read this sentence and tell me what’s wrong with it. Go.

Got it? No? Well, let me give you an analogy and see if you can get it then… The Miami Heat, the best team (no doubts) in the league today. Winning 25 games in a roll and on the run to break NBA’s record of 33 straight wins. Lebron James, certainly the most complete player in the NBA today. Have you ever heard of coach Erik Spoelstra saying: “Well, we’re getting towards the end of the regular season and we’ve got a pretty good record, so let’s just cancel the practices and show up to the games and see what happens…” ? Have you? Absolutely not! Why?

Because the final result in the game is directly connected to the hard work they put into practice?

Just to complete the analogy… Have you ever heard any good player saying: “I’ve learnt everything I needed to learn about the game, I don’t need any practice anymore…” Obviously not. Not even Michael Jordan has ever said such a thing… To the contrary, He was always training, and until today, even not playing, you constantly hear him saying: “I learned something new today…”

Now, Sales people: PRIORITIZE TRAINNING! If you do that, sales will come naturally. Value your profession. You’re not just a sales person, you’re THE sales person! Practice, practice, practice. The more you practice, the more you will need to practice! But I can guarantee you, it’s worth! Wanna be the best? Don’t be lazy, and practice!

And this email my friend received? If you know where it came from, please call that manager and let them know they are doing completely the opposite of their job!

Have a great Easter weekend! God bless


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