Atrocities we see on this Social media universe

Good day everyone. I really hope you’re having a great week.

A little while ago I had a friend correcting me and rebuking me for something I wrote on this blog. I was hard to swallow but I had to take that in because I was basically preaching something and living something else. Oh well, life goes on and we learn our lessons the hard way some times.

Today I’m here to write you a message with a mixture of humor and disappointment. But let me say this first. This is a critique, however, I have no connections with this person been criticized, therefore, I have no authority to correct them, and that’s not my goal anyway. I saw this post on Facebook and I just thought it was an absurd thing to be. I have hidden their names and pictures to preserve their integrity, even because this may be a hacked account and he or she may not even be aware of that post. I have no business in trying to correct all churches, I wouldn’t even have the credibility for such a job. And I have no business bringing people down, but the contrary, I would love to see them being encouraged in the Gospel! I haven’t heard back from him or her yet, so I’m not assuming anything. However, this is not the first time I see something like this and it breaks my heart that people would think like that…

Have a look at the picture of the post and before you jump to any conclusions, think twice.

Facebook atrocities

Now here is the deal:

1) If you desire to be an overseer, you desire a great thing… People trust you with their lives, that’s a huge responsibility;

2) My opinion, and again, that’s just my opinion, is that being a pastor is not a JOB. you don’t do it because of the money, and therefore, you can’t be scheduled 9-5. Yes, you loose your privacy, yes, your family is at risk, yes your life will feel like it sucks some times, but flash news to you: It’s never been easy, no one said it would be. In fact Jesus said it would be hard… And for those of you thinking I’m being very hard, go back and read how Jesus spoke to the ones wanting to follow him, about leaving the dead to bury the dead, about putting him before your mother or father, about picking up your cross… Or maybe at the words of Paul about being delivered to death every day for His sake (Sure, Paul was single… If that’s your argument);

3) Look back at the people who laid their lives for the progression of the Gospel. Look at the martyrs and all persecutions that took place in order for you to have a Bible. Think about those who came before you with nothing, no house, no cars, no luxury, no SALARY, no OFFICE! C’mon people, wake up! I understand that churches get big, but if your size implies institutionalization, and you become a like a government department  with very limited access, it probably means you have to break down some things you’re doing, delegate authority and re-distribute the work load. This is just practical advise. If you want Biblical advise, well, Jethro instructing Moses to do the same is a good beginning. And see that Jethro was probably not the best Godly source of inspiration;

4) Have I been in their shoes? No. Do I pastor a church of thousands? No. And for that, I hold my horses and grant you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe I still have a lot to learn, but if I read the Bible and look at the current situation, there is a mismatch. either one or the other is wrong. So I’ll stick with the Bible, thank you very much;

Now to answer the question on the post… Are you wrong? Well, if you want my opinion, YES! If you only wanted to drive more comments, engagement, people, likes and etc to your page, well… Then YES, you’re still wrong, but from a marketing perspective alone (Biblicaly I still believe you’re wrong) well done, good job… More than 700 likes and hundreds of comments, totally viral and organic without spending a penny… Well done, but I wouldn’t repeat the same exercise. Something much greater than your “brand” can be damaged with things like this. It’s called reputation… Rather you like it or not, what people think abuot you does matter. It doesn’t define you, but it does matter, just read the book and you will see, specially on your job description in the letter Paul wrote to Timothy!

Well, I would love to receive your comments on this, because I, like all other human beings long for recognition, however, I’ll resist the temptation. And I’m pretty sure you’ve got more important things to do, so instead of raging your anger at me, or the pastor from the picture, take a deep breath, turn off your computer and go do something productive… Spend time with your family before the next congregation member turns up unexpected! (Sarcasm)

God bless


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