Brotherhood… Do I know the real meaning of it?

Isn’t it great when you learn the lesson quick? Isn’t it even better when you learn the lesson before trying to teach it?

Yesterday I wrote a blog about Brotherhood (if you haven’t seen it yet, please check it out here: Brotherhood… What does it mean? )

I have to admit, there was a little bit of frustration poured out into the post, and for that, I apologize. We should never use our plataforms to pour out personal frustration. But most of it was purely sincere and based on facts that had taken place in my own personal life through the last months. I was very straight to the point and without knowing, I myself was being a hypocrite. I was preaching a message that I had not been able to live out, at least not to the fullest.

Here is my lesson: I had scheduled to go and visit a friend in a church and I completely ignored that fact. There were at least 2 or 3 reasons why I dind’t go, but none of them would be reasonable enough, so they’re not even worth mentioning. This friend of mine, a few hours after the blog went live, messaged me graciously and humbly, rebuking me to make sure I would get my game straight before trying to correct others! Ouch! What a lesson! I could only apologize. Thankfully, this brother is a real brother in Christ and understands we all have our flaws and forgave me for my lack of commitment.

So, I learned something else: In our traditional school system, generally, we expect the teachers to know what they are teaching our kids in school. Matter of fact, in most cases they are real experts in their area. They have mastered the subject before teaching anything. They are the source of information in case we have any doubts… In Christianity, the opposite is true. I found that we generally teach on the subjects we need to learn the most. Surely, in order to teach you will need some experience, but I’ve found that God inspires and drives us to teach on what we need to learn the most for that season in our own lives. Why? Because when this is the case, we are not the source of information anymore as teachers, He is. We are only partners in a learning jouney. It creates dependency for God and opens up an avenue of humility for us, a wide one! Trust me, it is humbling to be teaching and learning as you teach!

Well, so… I’m learning, it’s a journey, and I hope I come out at the end better than what I came in. Wanna join me?

Any thoughts?



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