New Year??? Already? Resolution #2

Over the last month I’ve been trying to fulfil my vows of my new year’s resolutions. I had 11 of them and I can tell you, they are all hard to accomplish  I’m struggling with the exercise part! I bet I’m not the only one! Statistics say that more than 90% of people who say they will exercise, join the gym, loose weight in the new year coming give up before February comes. Well, I haven’t given up yet, in fact, I’m recommitting to it right now!

I also made sure to write my resolutions with a real purpose behind it. I didn’t want it to be simple goals to make me happier, but I wanted them to be meaningful not only to me, but to those around me, so I could be a blessing whenever I could.

Because I think it’s so fun to record some messages in video I did this with a few of my resolutions, not all 11 of them and I’ll post these videos as I record them here. Here is the second one: To be bold and not ashamed o f the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think and feel free to make this your resolution too


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