Who is this for?

Who is this for? 

All right, like the song says: “… No turning back, no turning back…” This is it! The plane is taking off and we can’t turn back now. I thought I should warn those who are eager to “check it out” and lay the expectations properly right from the beginning. This way you will know what you’re getting yourself in to.

Yes, we’re planting a church! And this is exciting! Oh boy, is this a wonderful adventure or what?

So I’m not going to try to sell you the idea, in fact, I’ll do exactly the opposite. My goal here is to try to talk you out of it. If I succeed, then this is likely to be the last time you’re hearing from me about this matter. If I fail, I’ll see you on Monday, 28th of January at 6pm, Berkeley Cinemas, 85a Tamaki Drive, Mission Bay, Auckland, New Zealand.

Here we go: Who is this for?

I thought about drawing some comparisons so it will be easier for your to understand the bigger picture.

This is not a mission for average soldiers, this is a mission for highly-motivated-self-inspired-ready-to-give-everything Marines.

The Marines are the elite of the US Army when it comes to war situations. Surely there are many other great teams working together but I personally like the Marines for a few special reasons.

They have this philosophy about being “the first to fight”. The way they work is that they are constantly in training, always ready to be deployed at the first call and when a situation is revealed and they need to intervene, they can be deployed in less than 48 hours to any part of the world. Some times they make it to the place in hours. They have many units spread across the globe and they’re always ready to fight.

The other thing I love about them is that generally, they are deployed for six months missions (or less) only and then come back to re-group and get ready for the next. They fight hard, but they don’t get worn out. They know how important for a Marine it is to be focused and keep his ability to make fast decisions in dangerous situations.

They also have this motto, “semper fidelis”, which is Latin for “Always loyal”. Loyal to their country, to their fellow Marines and to their people. Once a Marine, you will always be a Marine. It’s amazing how confident these men are on their mission!

So if we think about this church plant: It’s an intense mission, and it’s for Marines only. Average soldiers won’t survive this. It will be intense.

If I could draw another comparison, this will be like an NBA Finals game. We need the MVPs (Most valuable players) on the court. They are the ones who carry the responsibility. The whole team is always confident that if they pass the ball to the MVP, He will decide. Trust me, they don’t get it right all the time, but they are never hesitant, never afraid to try.

The MVPs are the ones who work harder, and like Michael Jordan did so many times, they know when they are not at their best and are humble enough to request a seat on the bench and inspire other players. You can’t be an MVP in every game. Like the Marines, we all need a break to re-focus and concentrate on the next mission.

Well, We are in recruiting mode, and we can’t waste time! That’s why I’m telling you upfront who we’re looking for.

Don’t get me wrong, we do need everyone: Movers and shakers, leaders and managers, Pauls and Timothys. But as this mission is crucially important and we’re laying the foundations for something greater than all of us, we have to get the foundations right. We don’t need many people, we don’t need hundreds. We need the right people for the job.

Many people say that Jesus selected the worst team and we wouldn’t select those guys for anything. A bunch of uneducated, traitors, cowards and etc. But Jesus, being fully God in his nature as well as fully man, knew that all of them were Marines inside. And even the one who betrayed him, there was a purpose behind all that, therefore, if I had to follow an example I would follow Jesus’ example.

With all that being said: We’re looking for the raw people. Those who are not afraid to ask questions, those who will not fear to have their faith shaken, the ones who are ready to be “semper fidelis”, the ones who couldn’t care less about what ” status quo” thinks or dictates we should be like. The ones who don’t fit the stereo-type of society. The tax collector, the traitor, the doubtful. The worst of the sinners (If God had a purpose with Paul He can have a purpose with anyone). The ones who can survive the earthquake and the after shocks. The builders, who will build with one hand and carry a sword on the other hand. Those are the ones we’re after.

If you found yourself anywhere in these words, sign up. Email us at missionbayleaders@gmail.com. I can’t promise you anything, but you know that it is still the right thing to do.

If that’s not you, that’s fine, pray for us and that would be enough.

More to come. God bless and help us all.


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