Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Today in America our brothers across the borders are celebrating one of the most significant days in their history.  If you’re passionate about public speak, civil rights, equality movements, abolishment of segregation or anything alike, I’m sure you’ve heard the “I have a dream” speech given by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at least once in your life time, or at least heard about it.

Well, today, in tributte to this amazing leader, pastor and great man, I’m posting a video with the full speech. Here is the clip

In addition to it, here are some notes that another great leader I follow daily, Mychael Hyatt, posted on his blog and podcast about great leaders, when he posted about event in America. He explored on his podcast some great insights dr. Martin Luther King Jr reflects. Here are the comments:

  • Insight 1: Great leaders do not sugar-coat reality.
  • Insight 2: Great leaders engage the heart.
  • Insight 3: Great leaders refuse to accept the status quo.
  • Insight 4: Great leaders create a sense of urgency.
  • Insight 5: Great leaders call people to act in accord with their highest values.
  • Insight 6: Great leaders refuse to settle.
  • Insight 7: Great leaders acknowledge the sacrifice of their followers.
  • Insight 8: Great leaders paint a vivid picture of a better tomorrow.

More about Michael Hyatt Here, definetely worth checking his blog and everything he does, specially this podcast episode.

Thanks mike for being who you are!

Thanks Dr. Martin Luther King for being you you were!

Thanks God for both these man!

God bless you all.


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