Why plant new churches?

I’ve been asked this question many times and specially now that things are takig off with the church plant, it’s interesting to see how local leaders and a few pastors are finding me to grab a coffee and ask why I’m planting a new church.

I wish they were doing this in the hope to find common ground in our theological convictions and consenquently finding how they could help with their support, resources, prayer, financially, counselling, members willing to serve or whatever comes to their more experienced minds… But that’s not the case. Majority of them are rather concerned with people leaving their churches to join the new one! That’s ridiculous, but unfortunately it is the truth. And let me get this right… People will ALWAYS check out the new kid on the block! It is part of our curious sinful nature, sorry… And some of them will actually feel home there, but that doesn’t mean we’re enemies. Not at all. Matter of fact, alot of people who will only find God through the new church plant but will not actually like the church and soon enough, the few families the old churches have lost will be replaced by ten times more with fresh new believers in need of discipleship! That’s a reason to rejoice and not to be worried!

To avoid staying in my own words alone, I’ve included a link here from an article from Timothy Keller, senior leader of Redeemer church in New york,  and author of the latest best reading content for church plant, “Center Church” (Find the book here , it’s worth it, I’m reading it at thsi very moment). And here is the article I mentioned above: Why we plant churches by Timothy Keller

I’ll post this article again on the Facebook fan page (Here is the page in case you haven’t been there yet) and on the event for our prayer meeting and hopefully we will all be touched by the solid foundations layed on this document!

God bless you all!


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