Who do you think you are? Reflections on the new series by Mark Driscoll on Mars Hill

Lessons from the new series from Mars Hill church, preached by Mark Driscoll

I thought I would resist the temptation of writing and would stick to the plan, but this jumped in front of me and literally drove me to my keyboard. And if I can be honest with you, I’m getting so excited about this writing thing that I can write a post fairly quick. Instead of waiting until Saturday and placing this post at the end of my line up of tens of posts already though through, I thought I would jump into it and just publish this in the middle of the week, for the fun of it, so here we go: Buckle up! I’m sure you will enjoy!

This week they (Mars Hill) started a new series called “Who do you think you are” which is the same title of Mark’s latest book. You can follow the highlights of the first sermon here http://jesus.to/RTOcNS.


Two very interesting quotes called my attention out of this recap:

1. “Once you know who you are in Christ, you’ll know what to do for Christ”

That’s a great way to start trying to figure out your calling. A lot of people I know struggle to realize what God wants them to do. Or better, they struggle to realize who they really are, because, as Mark says: “Once you know who you are in Christ, you will know what to for Christ!” It’s just that simple! It might not be the whole formula, but at least it is a start, and I have to say, a very good start. I wish I had known this ten years ago. Oh boy, it would have saved me so much time and hurt. But I guess this is all part of the journey. I’m glad I went through what I went through.

I myself found really hard to figure out my calling. I’m a natural communicator, gatherer of people and it made sense to everyone around me when we finally figured out that God had a plan with this personality He gave me but to this day I still have moments when I ask myself if this is really me or just a facet of someone else that is projected in my mind based on what I’ve learned and have been exposed to during the years. We all have moments like that, it’s normal, you’re not alone [talking to myself]

2. “Your job, your stuff, your hobbies, your achievements, your suffering help explain you but not define you”

Mark, I gotta say I’ve always loved your work, I praise God for your life and for the inspiration you are for young and old leaders! You really are making a difference and are a great asset to the kingdom of God and his team. We should give credit where credit is due, therefore, all credit be given to God (and I know you do not feel offended at all by this) but my friend… you knocked this one out of the parking lot single handed! And I know this is no news, but no one could have said any better. And for that, congratulations and thank you for being yourself, bold enough to declare such things.

All these things help to explain who I am, but do not define me (as Mark continued on his sermon). And going back to your first point: Because I know who I am in Christ, He is the one who defines exactly who I am, subsequently, He is the one who will help me and guide me through what I am to do for Him!

To paraphrase God in the most humble way I know how to, I would finish with this: “If He said I am who I am (or I am what I am, depending on your English translation) I can say: I am whoever He defines me to be” and for that, I am grateful. Eternally grateful!

How about you? Who do you think you are? Make this question your challenge for this week, seek God on your knees and let His sweet voice whisper to you through the depth of His knowledge that you’re made to be his son/daughter, in perfect communion with Him. He is waiting for you!

God bless

PS: Feel free to interact if you want to.


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