It pays off to know what’s going on

I couldn’t think about a better way to start this week other than this incredible and awful experience I had the other day. But before I tell you what happened, let me share this: I’ve been told that I should never write in the first person, specially when it comes to work. Well, I don’t believe that! I believe we must be honest and transparent with everyone. However, I also believe I must be wise and control my publicity if I want to keep my job, so for the sake of the “modern”society’s way of thinking, I will use the name “X” for this story. If ou’re smart, and I believe you are, you will get it.

It was early in the morning, and myself and a few other people had an early start at work. We all have set times to start… Yeah, I know, I hate that too, but it’s the “modern” way of thinking right??? Anyway, we were all getting geared up to start our jobs and this guy, one of our co-workers, called “X” comes in 7 minutes late. It was almost as if we could see the scene in slow motion and while he rushed through the door, the manager in charge talking to upper management about her case ans instantly, right at the moment she was taking her seat, the “BIG BOSS”calls her into her office… Oh poor girl! She goes in discouraged, knowing she had messed up and something bad was about to happen. Now STOP!

Here is where you and I can make a difference in our leadership style. It pays off to know what’s going on. Take a minute to analyse the whole scenario. Don’t be stuck on the industrial age (Attribute my knowledge about this to Seth Godin and his ideas for now). Always remember that you could be the person on the other end of the conversation… Let’s carry on.

The “BIG BOSS” raises her voice and says: “You’re late!” As if she didn’t know that yet. But really, couldn’t she have come up with a better way to start the day? How about this:

-“Good morning “X”… How are you doing?”

That would break the ice wouldn’t it? And how about let “X” download a few things to the conversation before popping the “QUESTION” “Why are you late?”, Instead of affirming what she already regrettably knows?

And do you want to know what bothers me the most? This girl, “X”??? Top performer! No reason to treat her like that!

To summarise  The majority of the businesses out there are struggling, excusing themselves because of the so called “crisis” and failing to become great places to work at and for because of their leaders and not because of the market. Great leaders are great listeners. If you listen well, you will lead your team well! LISTEN! Please, LISTEN!

I bet you if the conversation had gone differently from the beginning, that could’ve been a big win for the day! So that’s it! From now on, remember to listen to your team members and watch what happens.

What others ideas would you give this leader in this situation?


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